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We are an international graphic design studio based in London specialising in branding, creative strategy and brand development.
Since 2009, we have collaborated with brands to help define what they are and develop what they want to be.

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Why I believe in the power of branding

For me, successful branding goes deeper than just creating a logo – it’s about creating the entire world where the brand will live, from shaping how the brand looks, behaves and communicates to visually translating its beliefs, philosophy and purpose.

When you’re tasked with branding a business, you get to create all the visual elements associated with it, too, and the key to creating memorable branding that people can connect with is consistency – consistency not just with visuals but also brand messaging, content, tone of voice, storytelling… the lot. Creating a world that people want to belong to or add to theirs goes beyond just a specific product and it is this which I find so powerful.

Once you’ve nailed the brand’s world, it doesn’t matter what product you add to the mix – as long as it’s aligned with the values and ethos of the world, it can carry the brand’s name.

I love shaping brands, developing their brand philosophy and creating worlds but what I love most is the process. Working closely with a brand’s founders and their visionaries is a privilege and a challenge and the journey from understanding their need to create something new in their market to translating that into a strategic visual and content-led world is very inspiring. The end result is always so rewarding, especially when you see that the client feels totally empowered with their new brand/collection and is ready to hit the market and introduce their new world to the rest of the world.

To see how the brand grows and where we take them from launch onwards is very exciting and fulfilling and for me, shaping, exploring, improving and expanding the worlds that my team and I create is where the true power of branding lies.


Top image: Branding, creative direction & website design for MZ Skin by Dr. Maryam Zamani. Above: Branding for Montunas

Branding, stationery, look book and packaging for Montunas

Branding, packaging design and advertising for MZ Skin by Dr. Maryam Zamani

Branding and label design for Asceno X Rolling Stones

Branding and specification booklet for The Splash Lab

Advertising for Frescobol Carioca

Advertising for Frescobol Carioca

Branding & editorial design for Carioca Post by Frescobol Carioca